Meet Marsha Peltz, New Zone Leader

A resident of East Whiteland since 1998, Marsha has seen the slow but steady shift from Red to Blue among her neighbors. After witnessing a township election where the candidate’s win was a mere 7 votes, she firmly believes that every vote is precious.

The East Whiteland/Charlestown Dems serve as the first line of contact between local Democrats and the county, state and national Democratic Party. We welcome your help and appreciate your vote. We are a “party” so join the fun! Along the way you will enjoy lively discussions and meet your neighbors.


Ready to get involved in an upcoming election?

We offer logistical support to local candidates from township supervisor and board of education to Harrisburg offices, U.S. Congress and the White House. In 2016 we have a strong chance of electing the first woman U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania and the first woman President.

Becoming part of the political process is easy – volunteer to phone bank, canvass, register neighbors to vote. Put up a lawn sign or donate to a candidate. Work a shift on Election Day or help out-of-town college students obtain an absentee ballot. Every person has something to contribute.

As the newly elected zone leader, Marsha’s goal (and that of her Committee People) is to get every registered Dem to vote twice a year, every year. Along the way our group will happily share candidates’ information to our neighbors who are registered Independents, Republicans, Libertarians or are new to voting.

It’s been said that Pennsylvania and particularly Chester County will be a key battleground in November 2016. Join us and be a part of history!

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