A Message from Joe Denham


As a pediatric anesthesiologist at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, I advocate each day for the health and safety of my young patients and their families. At CHOP, each day is a matter of life and death. The children and their families need to see positive results.

It’s time that working families, our children, and our seniors are treated the same way in Harrisburg.

I am running for PA State Representative because Harrisburg is broken. Entrenched politicians continue to play political games by allowing a 9-month budget impasse for 2015-16 which forced state agencies and school districts to borrow money to continue their important work.

My opponent recently voted NO on the recent 2016-17 budget revenue bill. He stood with Harrisburg insiders who wanted another budget impasse. The budget revenue bill did pass with bipartisan support enabling the work of our schools, agencies, county and local gov’ts to continue.

As an elected township supervisor in Chester County, I successfully work in a bipartisan manner and achieve a healthy economy where there has been no tax increases. I also led our township toward the recent Moody Aaa financial upgrade for West Whiteland Township. Moody specifically looked at our initiatives during 2014-16 ( my years in office ) as a major reason for our Aaa status. My township is 1 of 2 twps in Chester County and 1 of 6 twps ( out of 2,400 ) in Pennsylvania with Moody’s top Aaa financial rating.

My name is Joe Denham and I will fight to create jobs, grow our economy and reform the way Harrisburg works. Together, we will make legislators accountable and restore health and strength in Pennsylvania.


Joe Denham
Candidate, PA State House of Representatives-167
Web: joedenham.org

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