PA Senate District Debate – Sunday, Oct. 23


On Sunday, October 23 at 2 p.m., Senator Andy Dinniman will face off against his opponent in a debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Chester County at Borough Hall in West Chester.

As you’ve probably seen, Andy’s opponent, Jack London, is running a smear campaign on digital billboards and television, financed almost entirely with big state and county GOP dollars. In fact, we already know that the Chester County Republican Party has single-handedly dropped $250,000 on the election to finance the negative attacks, fabrications, and downright lies against Andy.

On Sunday, October 23, we need to pack the room in a show of support for Andy and his service, work, and values here in Chester County. There is no doubt the opposition and their hardcore partisans plan to stack the deck with their supporters in order to hijack the event.

We cannot let that happen.

Come out on Sunday to stand with Andy and help ensure that we have an open, fair, and honest debate. Together, let’s send the message that big money can’t beat Andy’s 30 plus years of hard work, service, and loyal representation to Chester County.

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