Marching On To Election Day…

We were quite active this month as we gear up for Primary Day on May 16 and look ahead to November 2017 and even November 2018!

Our favorite School Board Candidate, Samantha Jouin (vying for GVSD Region 1 – EW 4,5,6 and Charlestown) began her canvassing this weekend. We thank all of our volunteers who came out (Bob E., Bill H., Amanda S., Marylyn C. and others). We not only knocked on doors for Samantha but gave out palm cards for Magisterial District Judge for EW 3 – 6, Judge Analisa Sondergaard!

All of our candidates needed to get their petitions notarized earlier this month. We ventured to Chester County Dems’ notary party in West Chester and got all of the paperwork handed in, on time. Pictured are EW Supervisor candidates Scott Lambert and Chris Demas. Our assistant Zone Leader, Bob Eshleman, was there getting his many judicial forms, that he carried, notarized too.
Steve Rhoades & Chris Demas
At our monthly meeting in early March we began our Precinct Profile. With so many new members joining our ranks, we are happy to feature our Committee People each month bragging, appropriately so, about their neighborhood. Here are EW 1 Committee People Steve Rhoades and Chris Demas addressing our group.

Our next meeting is Monday, April 3 and we will highlight EW 2 with Committee Persons Dave Hesson and Maddie Rolston.

Chrissy Houlihan (right of center)
Lastly, we are already looking ahead to 2018 elections with statewide and national races already begun. Many of us joined a discussion group with potential 6th Congressional District candidate Chrissy Houlihan. Chrissy may throw her hat in the ring to defeat Ryan Costello. She says she will be making a decision soon. This is her second appearance in our town as we welcomed her at our January meeting where she shared her background and Democratic values.

Primary Day is Tuesday, May 16. If you can volunteer at the polls, please reach out to Marsha at our next monthly meeting.

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