Primary Election Results

First, a huge thank you to all of you who helped support our candidates on Election Day.  We had higher turnout than expected across all precincts thanks to your efforts.  Second, thanks to the voters who took the time to fulfill their civic duty and vote in this important local election.  The local elections have a tremendous effect on our daily lives and deserve our attention and action.
Our local candidates who cross-filed enjoyed broad bipartisan support in this election.  
Analisa Sondergaard, our District Justice candidate, won every East Whiteland precinct on both ballots in the District Judge 15-4-01 district.  Analisa was running for re-election and the results were a reflection of the great work she has done as a District Justice.   Since she won on both ballots, she will run unopposed in the general election.  Congratulations Analisa!
Samantha Jouin, our School Board candidate, also enjoyed broad bipartisan support in the Primary.  Samantha received more votes than any other candidate in the Primary and the results were a testimony to people’s faith in Samantha and an acknowledgement of her many years of service to our community.  Samantha will be on the ballot on November with the other 3 school board candidates.  
Congratulations to Samantha and thank you for your efforts to keep the Great Valley school district one of the best school districts in the state.
Scott Lambert, our Township Supervisor candidate won the Democratic primary as our other candidate, Chris Demas, stepped aside and supported Scott in the primary.  Congratulations to Scott and a big thanks to Chris for his selfless act to unify us in November.

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