Mission Statement

We have proudly seen our zone burst with members, enthusiasm and voter turnout in just the last eight months. In response, under the leadership of Carl Abramson, a small group has been meeting diligently this summer to create a blueprint to move forward. We are listing our goals, strategies and actions for the fall and upcoming 2018 elections and beyond. At our August meeting, we unanimously voted approval for our Mission Statement. Our work will follow these key guidelines.

East Whiteland/Charlestown Dems’ mission is to represent Democrats and enable our neighbors to realize their full potential through good government. As members of the Chester County Democratic Committee (CCDC) and the Pennsylvania Democratic Party (PA Dems), we seek to develop, advocate and elect qualified candidates that mirror our community’s democratic values of truthfulness, transparency, equality. We will vigorously campaign and influence changes to enhance everyone’s quality of life in our neighborhoods, schools, parks, courts and beyond.

Look for our Mission Statement on our “Who We Are” page of this website. Tell your neighbors and newcomers about our values. We look forward to representing everyone in our community – Dems, Independents and Republicans.

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