Stuffing without a turkey?

Bob, Scott, Sue, Joyce.
Thanks to many helpers, we were able to stuff and stamp 1420 mailings to registered Dems and Independents in our two towns. With an influx of donations, passing-the-cup and a surprise grant from Chester County Democratic Committee (CCDC) we can do so much more this year to Get Out The Vote.
A big thank you to all the volunteers who gathered at Marsha’s house including:
  • Sylvester the Cat
  • Adrienne Abramson
  • Carl Abramson
  • Charlie Banionis
  • Irene Banionis
  • Sue Drumond
  • Bob Eshleman
  • Sue Habgood
  • Scott Lambert
  • Steve Rhoades
  • Maddie Rolston
  • Bob Rodini
  • Joyce Stanley
Adrienne, Carl, Irene, Bob, Charlie, Steve (partial).
Sue writing magic message.
The magic message.
1,420 envelopes ready for the U.S. postal service.

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