A Historic Election

We had hoped to use the title of this post for the election results of 2016 but that election has passed and it’s time to move on. As stunning as the 2016 results were at the national level, the 2017 results at the local level were equally stunning.

For the fourth consecutive Township Supervisor election in East Whiteland, a Democratic Supervisor candidate has won a hard fought contest. While the previous two Supervisor races have been decided by less than a 1% margin, Scott Lambert won this election by the largest margin ever for a Democrat – 276 votes. There will now be three Democrats serving on the Board of Supervisors.

For the first time in recent memory, and possibly for the first time ever, a Democrat, Samantha Jouin, has won the Region 1 school board race in the Great Valley School District. Samantha will serve on the school board with fellow Democrat Bryan Paluch who won his race in Region 3 – another first in the school district.

Generally speaking, Democratic candidates did extraordinarily well in East Whiteland and Charlestown. Here are some of the highlights in our zone:

  • County row candidates won every precinct in our zone.  Controller candidate Margaret Reif won nearly 60% of the vote in our zone.
  • Judicial candidates won every precinct in our zone except one (by 4 votes).
  • In competitive races, local candidates won every precinct in our zone except one (by 7 votes).

These results reflect the hard work of our candidates, Committee people and volunteers. Once again we have demonstrated that grassroots efforts can make a difference. Please consider getting involved as there are plenty of ways to volunteer.

While these results are historic and should be celebrated, this is no time to become complacent. The 2018 election cycle starts now and it’s time to take our government back at every level.

For detailed Zone 13 (E. Whiteland and Charlestown) results click here.


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