East Whiteland and Charlestown Dems traveled to Harrisburg and to West Chester for two party gatherings as we await the final list of candidates for our May 15’s Primary.
Over the weekend of February 9-10, several of us took the train to the state capitol for the Winter PA Dems Meeting. We voted on new interim PA Dems leadership and heard from seven Lt. Governor candidates. State Committee Representative Vicki Damiani was joined by Zone Leader Marsha Peltz and EW 3 Committee Person Michele Vaughn. They met up with about a dozen fellow Dems from Chester County. Hundreds of Dems from across the state gathered at a series of Deminars, lunches, dinners and forums.
This past Tuesday, February 20, the focus was just on Chester County. All of your Committee Persons sat as a group in the large auditorium at Stetson Middle School in West Chester. We endorsed candidates from the Governor’s Office to the 167th State House race.
Special thanks to all who attended from our zone:
Marsha Peltz, Zone Leader
Jerry Pyne, Assistant Zone Leader
Vicki Damiani, State Committee Rep
Charlestown Committee Person Irene Banionis
EW 1 Committee Persons Chris Demas & Steve Rhoades
EW 2 Committee Person Dave Hesson
EW 3 Committee Persons Amanda Snyder & Michele Vaughn
EW 5 Committee Person Brian Taylor
EW 6 Committee Persons Bill Shipley & Tom Parker
Also joining us was Martin and Aleen McElroy and Zone 13 Secretary Bob Rodini

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