Counting Down To the May 15 Primary

Your East Whiteland and Charlestown neighbors have been very busy getting ready for our favorite Spring Day — the mid-term Primary!  Polls open at 7 am on Tuesday, May 15 and we are ready with over 30 poll greeters in six locations! Stop by and say hello.   Don’t forget to claim your I Voted sticker on the way out.

Last night we met at the home of Sue Habgood for a Meet ‘n Greet with East Whiteland’s Jeff McFall, one of two candidates for the Pennsylvania 167th House of Representatives. Sue joined forces with (Chef) Adrienne Abramson for a truly delicious gathering.

Last weekend we had two big events — Co-hosting a Malvern Blooms booth with our next-door neighbors, the Willistown-Malvern Dems and our semi-annual Sample Ballot Stuffing at Marsha’s house. Many candidates shared our Blooms booth including Tanner Rouse for PA State Senate, Alex Teplyakov for PA Dems State Committee plus Kristine Howard and Jeff McFall, both running for the 167th House seat. Zone Leaders Denise VanValkenburgh and Marsha Peltz talked to dozens of Malvern Blooms visitors, answering questions about the mid-term races.

Kristine Howard (2nd from left) and Jeff McFall (far right) at Malvern Blooms
Thanks to SO many volunteers, it only took four hours (and many Dunkin’ Donuts) to fold, stuff, address and seal 530 household envelopes. The Sample Ballot mailing was smaller than our Fall campaign as we want to save our limited dollars for a BIG push come November. The ballots arrived in mailboxes this week. A big thank you to our many volunteers!
Ballot mailing
Ballot mailing
Ballot mailing
Pam Rockacy
Donna Pyne
Bob Rodini
Aleen McElroy
Jerry Pyne
Joyce Stanley
Sue Habgood
Carl Abramson
Marlyn Calabrese
Adrienne Abramson
Carol Armstrong
Irene Banionis
Lynne Neefe
Martin McElroy

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