Wonderful news to share!

Your 14 Committee Persons (or their proxies) attended last week’s Chester County Democratic Committee (CCDC) Reorganization Meeting to elect new Officers for 2018-2022.

And the winners included — Marsha Peltz for CCDC Vice Chair.

Marsha (second from left above) says, “I am delighted to help lead not just East Whiteland and Charlestown but all of the precincts and zones in our county!”

Links to news articles about the entire reorganization results:


Your Zone 13 was well represented by:

Michael Churchill & Irene Banionis
Chris Demás & Steve Rhoades
Maddie Rolston & Dave Hesson
Amanda Snyder & Michele Vaughn
Terri Schatz & Donna Pyne
Joyce Hegarty & John Hegarty
Vicki Damiani & Martin McElroy
Tom Parker & MaryLou Meehan

Our Assistant Zone Leader Jerry Pyne was instrumental in setting up the entire county’s check-in process!  We are so fortunate to have such a great team represent us before the whole county.

Irene Banionis did a wonderful job making the nomination for me as Vice Chair to a crowd of about 400 people in the West Chester Stetson Middle School auditorium. As folks gathered, the candidates passed out buttons, stickers, goodie bags and campaign lit. There was real excitement in the air as nominations, speeches, and voting took place.

There is one more Reorganization Election and that’s for East Whiteland/Charlestown Dems only! We meet on Monday, July 2 at 7 pm to elect our new Zone Leader and Assistant Zone Leader. Jerry Pyne and Chris Demas are running as a slate.

Anyone else wish to add their name? If so, email Marsha at marsha1000@aol.com by June 30.

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