EW Home Hosts Chrissy Houlahan Event

Committee Person and School Board member Samantha Jouin (along with others) hosted a Chrissy Houlihan event at her house on Saturday, September 15.  It was well attended by 60 or more people.


The highlight of the event was Chrissy’s talk.  First, she described the new 6th congressional district.  Next, she documented her family’s tradition of military service.  Her grandfather, father, and Chrissy herself served as military aviators.

After fulfilling her military commitments, and obtaining a master’s degree in technology policy from MIT, Chrissy said she joined a T-shirt company in Paoli.  This was the AND-1 company that was incorporated as a B corporation.  Chrissy was the Chief Operating Officer and grew the company to $250M in revenues before selling it.

The experience with a B corporation led her and husband Bart to found B-Lab which helps other companies with their charters.

Chrissy said she realized that education is the main path to success in our country.  So, she then became a chemistry teacher (Teach for America program) in a Philadelphia school.  Following this she served as president of the non-profit Springboard Collaborative.  Springboard’s purpose is to improve early childhood literacy in underserved communities countrywide.

Finally, Chrissy told us why she was running.  She believes that under the current administration, the democratic principles under which our country was founded are in jeopardy.  And on a personal level, she stated that her daughter’s rights as a member of the LBGT community are being curtailed.

Chrissy took action by running for office.




Some of the event organizers from East Whiteland including Samantha, Laura House-Kelly, Marsha Peltz, and Lynne Neefe.

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