CCDC Endorsement Convention

The CCDC Endorsement Convention was held on March 19 at Stetson Middle School. There were over 400 attendees (candidates, committee people, proxies, and observers) and the energy was high. The Zone 13 delegation was there in full-force.

Some of the Zone 13 delegation.

Here are the results of the convention. Note that the threshold for an endorsement is now 65% of the vote.

For offices where there was only one candidate the endorsement was automatic.

District Attorney: Deb Ryan – won endorsement
Recorder of Deeds: Chris Pielli – won endorsement

Round #1

PA Superior Court: Amanda Green Hawkins, Dan McCaffery – won endorsements
Court of Common Pleas: Brett Binder, Analisa Sondergaard – won endorsements
County Commissioner: Maxwell, Cozzone, Moskowitz, Kerslake – no endorsement first round
Sheriff: Maddox, Lunsford, Sarro, Boyl – no endorsement first round
Prothonotary: Bookman (57%), Heffern (43%) – no endorsement
Register of Wills: Vaughn (59%), Longo (41%) – no endorsement

Round #2

County Commissioner: Maxwell – won endorsement
Cozzone, Moskowitz, Kerslake – no endorsement second round
Sheriff: Maddox – won endorsement

Round #3

County Commissioner: Cozzone (41%), Moskowitz (59%) – no endorsement

It was a long night. Our delegation was disappointed that our Michele did not win an endorsement. The subject of zone level endorsements will be the topic of our next Zone meeting on April 1 at the township building.

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