Stuffing without a turkey?

Bob, Scott, Sue, Joyce.
Thanks to many helpers, we were able to stuff and stamp 1420 mailings to registered Dems and Independents in our two towns. With an influx of donations, passing-the-cup and a surprise grant from Chester County Democratic Committee (CCDC) we can do so much more this year to Get Out The Vote.
A big thank you to all the volunteers who gathered at Marsha’s house including:
  • Sylvester the Cat
  • Adrienne Abramson
  • Carl Abramson
  • Charlie Banionis
  • Irene Banionis
  • Sue Drumond
  • Bob Eshleman
  • Sue Habgood
  • Scott Lambert
  • Steve Rhoades
  • Maddie Rolston
  • Bob Rodini
  • Joyce Stanley
Adrienne, Carl, Irene, Bob, Charlie, Steve (partial).
Sue writing magic message.
The magic message.
1,420 envelopes ready for the U.S. postal service.

Absentee Ballot Pizza Party

What do college kids away-from-home and senior Sisters at Immaculata’s Nursing Home have in common? They are all voters who may not get to the polls on Election Day. But your Absentee Ballot Committee is sending them a letter and return envelope to cast a ballot for their judges, county row officers, school board and other representatives.
Thank you to Carl & Adrienne Abramson, Joyce Stanley, Marsha Peltz and Bob Eshleman who gathered to stuff hundreds of envelopes and enjoy pizza from Tonino’s. As Marsha always says, we’re a “party” so why not have some fun?